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Let your inner artist shine with these 30 fun and inspired knitwear designs. Courtney Flynn, founder of flynnknit, shares her secrets to creating impressive hats that make a statement. Pair bold motifs such as stripes, zig zags, hearts and falling snow with daring colors to create one-of-a-kind gifts and cherished handmade accessories.

These inviting projects offer the perfect introduction for those who are new to colorwork, while the variety and versatility of each design will inspire even the most experienced knitter. Learn new skills like incorporating multiple colors of yarn to create exciting designs, and minimizing the appearance of jogs in your knitted pieces. Courtney provides plenty of valuable tips, chart notes and encouraging advice to help you make each piece your own. Whether you follow along with the color suggestions or have fun experimenting with new combinations, you can’t go wrong with these patterns!

Grab a pair of knitting needles and your favorite yarn, and show the world your true colors!

The Art of Knitting Hats
features 30 brand-new, never-before-published hat patterns!

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What knitters, knitwear designers and yarn lovers are saying about the book

“Courtney has a magical gift with color! Her unique designs and next-level color combinations will inspire you to experiment and grow in your own creativity, making this a must-buy for all knitters.”
 ― Emme Rylan, actress and knitter

“Courtney’s designs are absolutely thrilling! Every hat in this book will inspire you to create something beautiful.”
 ― Stephanie Lotven, author of Knit Happy with Self-Striping Yarn and creator of Tellybean Knits

 “This book will help you learn new ways to make your hats shine.”
 ― Gaye Glasspie, creator of GGMadeIt

 “When I see Courtney’s designs, I always think: how powerful! Her hats convey sheer joie de vivre.”
 ― Antonio Gonzalez-Arnao, founder of Malabrigo Yarn

 “Casting on a hat designed by Courtney is a celebration! She knows how to curate color, combine yarns and choreograph motifs for bright brims that dance with possibilities.”
 ― Kamaca Champion, founder of Miss Purl

 “This is a knitter's dream introduction to colorwork! The designs in this book are whimsical, fun and sure to keep any knitter engaged from start to finish.”
 – Tif Neilan, creator of Tif Handknits

“Courtney's designs are always so full of life and color. I can't wait to cast on!”
 – Lanre Ojikutu, creator of La'Knits Handmade Apparel

“Courtney is a mastermind at color coordinating and creates one-of-a-kind, must-knit designs!”  
Alexandra Henley, marketing manager at Jimmy Beans Wool

Thank you for all your love and support!
xoxo Courtney